I made a thing a while back.
That thing was for the Minecraft modpack/community/forum/bohemoth Feed the Beast (FTB). A friend, CarbonBasedGhost, was making a “Learn Gregtech with HQM” modpack (a collection of Minecraft mods based on a very difficult tech mod called Gregtech).

He commissioned me to do 2 pieces of art: a splash art for the modpack background while in the FTB launcher, and an icon for the pack in the launcher 3rd party packs list.

This was a lesson in pixel art that really made me feel much more confident in my abilities. I hope to do more work like this in the future.

Let’s get started.


This is the link to the Imgur album that I created detailing the many revisions of my work (all made in GIMP 2) which I posted on the FTB forum thread for the pack to recieve feedback. It came down to two main designs for the splash art, really:

Complex Gregtech MetaItem background

Clean pixel gradient

The forum decided on the clean background eventually, and I like it better too. As it turns out, clutter for the sake of symbolism is complete and utter shit. In this case, although I spent a lot of time positioning and tweaking Gregtech’s metaItem assets library to achieve a grayscale background containing all of Gregtech’s items, that time needed to be forgotten.

By forgotten, I mean that when you spend a lot of time working on something, you cannot afford to simply and blindly follow the path that the particular piece of work dictates. It is ok to simply give up, move on, scrap it.



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