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Play to win

I love World of Tanks. Few games have gotten me hooked in my lifetime, and Word of Tanks deserves a spot in that sacred list.

It started with MLB ‘06 The Show on the Playstation 2. But console games do not count.

It started with strategy. Civilization IV started my love of games, as I simply fell for the addictive turn-based action that required both thought and care to get right. I was shit at the game, but I was in love with it.

In retrospect, Civ IV has many issues and was indeed one of the easiest games ever, but that does not stop it from being one of my all-time favorite games and a damn good game in general.

I then went on to the Total War games. Realtime strategy was a genre that appealed to me, a more action packed version of Civ with realistic models, intense battles with incredible numbers of troops on the virtual battlefield appealed to my younger self in ways no other...

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Hello. Time to program.

package com.queue;

public class firstClass {

public static void main(String[] args) {


    int firstCar = 15000;
    int secondCar = 30000;

    int firstMPG = 10;
    int secondMPG = 50;

    int gasPrice = 4;
    int miles = 50000;

    System.out.println("The numbers are:");
    System.out.println(firstCar + " is the first car's cost," + " " + secondCar + " is the second car's cost " + firstMPG + " is the first MPG, and " + secondMPG + " is the second, while you are travelling " + miles + " miles, on " + gasPrice  + "mi/gal");

    int gasCost1 = (miles / firstMPG) * gasPrice;
    int gasCost2 = (miles / secondMPG) * gasPrice;

    int totalCost1 = firstCar + gasCost1;
    int totalCost2 = secondCar + gasCost2;

    System.out.println("The Price is " + totalCost1 + " for car 1");
    System.out.println("The Price is " +

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I made a thing a while back.
That thing was for the Minecraft modpack/community/forum/bohemoth Feed the Beast (FTB). A friend, CarbonBasedGhost, was making a “Learn Gregtech with HQM” modpack (a collection of Minecraft mods based on a very difficult tech mod called Gregtech).

He commissioned me to do 2 pieces of art: a splash art for the modpack background while in the FTB launcher, and an icon for the pack in the launcher 3rd party packs list.

This was a lesson in pixel art that really made me feel much more confident in my abilities. I hope to do more work like this in the future.

Let’s get started.

This is the link to the Imgur album that I created detailing the many revisions of my work (all made in GIMP 2) which I posted on the FTB forum thread for the pack to recieve feedback. It came down to two main designs for the splash art, really:


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A Simple Signature.

The SpwnX forum signature

This is a simple signature on the IC2 forum I did for SpwnX. He was looking for a sig, and I was bored, so I derped around and learned some valuble pixel art lessons from it.

First iteration.


It was a mess.The sig needed lots of help and Backdraft helped me out with revising it. His words:

There’s a problem with your thick black outline, its diagonals are not properly aligned, and that’s because you did not use the same distance from the border of the picture for the top of the left part of your outline and the leftmost of the top part of the outline.

This was key. I wasn’t counting properly, and in pixel art you cannot afford to waste space and be lazy.

Every pixel counts.

He attached a correction:

You made your diagonals too square-ish. Softing them up a little bit should look better.

First Correction

Second Correction

The attatched fix is used in a further revision.



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Forums. An Utter Mess.

Forums. Forums are a mess. Design-wise, forums are complete and utter shit.

Yet I love them.

One forum I spend a fair bit of time on is the Industrial Craft 2 forum. It looks like shit, has poor navigation, terrible iconography and typography, and the color palate was created by a blind man.

But I fucking love that website.

The community is what makes forums great. Without a deep integrated community, both passionate and knowledgeable about a subject at the same time, a forum is worthless. The Industrial Craft 2 forum may look like shit but it certainly doesn’t feel so. In a world where many “mainstream consumers” and users of the internet are unaware of the deep power of the forum, it is places like the (the common abbreviation is IC2) Industrial Craft 2 forum shines.

It isn’t unique. In many places, the forum still shines, a great hub for communities of often-nerdy people full of...

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What the Fuck am I Doing

First off, let us think about the purpose of this blog. I can think of three things:

  • To document my journey through creative development on the web. From art to design and programming, I wish to document it all in the name and for the sake of maybe possibly helping/informing those on the fence.

  • To practice writing and publishing. Sticking to a semi-regular schedule for writing may help me in the long run.

  • To help my communication skills.

These all focus on one major point: that I need to work on some things and those things all can be worked on via the method that demonstrates my working on that that needs to be worked on through working on what needs to be worked on.

Did I mention I needed to work on my communication skills?

1. Lets begin. Since the blogging platform is new to me, I will use this post to experiment with styles.

Code looks like this:


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Well. Let’s try this out.

So. I have been thinking. I like to write. I like to draw. I am learning.

What better than to blog about my adventures?

So. Let us see if anyone gives a shit.

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